The Stone of Destiny


YA Fiction / Fantasy / Epic / Romance

Begin the journey; discover your destiny...

Set against a backdrop of Scottish myths and legends, follow the epic quest by a changeling, a selkie and a prince to nd an ancient and powerful object, and save the kingdom.

Ailsa doesn’t believe in faerie tales, only the monsters in them. But, with the mark on her face, most people consider her one of them—a changeling.

Her secluded life shifts when she rescues two selkies from bloodthirsty raiders. Now she must act as their guard as they travel to the capital and then, with the help of the Prince of Eilanmor, journey north to and the Stone of Destiny - the only object protecting them all from the evil faerie queen.

But all her life a malignant creature has stalked her through the forest. Can Ailsa and the Stone of Destiny before something wicked finds her?

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