Root of Magic
Publisher: Eden Street LLC


Published by Delacorte/Random House 2019

Ages: 8-12 Size: 224 pages

Willow knows the unknown is scary. Especially when your little brother has been sick for a long time and nobody has been able to gure out why. All Willow wants is for her brother to get better and for her her life to go back to normal.

But a er a bad stroke of luck, Willow and her family nd themselves stranded in an unusual town in the middle of nowhere and their life begins to change in the most unexpected way. Willow soon discovers that the town isn’t just unusual—it’s magical— and the truth is more exciting that she ever imagined.

Will Willow nd that this could be the secret to saving her family—or discover that the root of magic could lead them to something greater?

Kathleen Benner Duble had sixteen car accidents before she was twenty-one. Being an at-home writer keeps her from hitting the road (or anyone else)! Kathleen loves digging for unique historical ction plotlines and encouraging students and lovers of books to look for great stories right in their own backyard!

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