The Bird and the Hippo

Bird and Hippo are best friends, they go everywhere together… but one day Bird is missing… where is she? Hippo can’t understand why Bird would just leave without saying goodbye […]

Flora and the New Baby

Flora’s mum and dad have a new baby… but what will this mean for Flora? This ‘Leap’ book range follows the adventures of a trio of friends – Flora Fox, […]

The Spider and the Whale

After being flushed down the toilet, Spider is saved by Whale. Little Spider promises to repay the favour one day much to Whale s amusement. As they set off together […]

The Chicken That Hatched A Cow

When three yellow chicks hatch from Mrs. Chicken’s eggs, all seems normal. But when the last egg cracks to reveal something black and white, the barn is thrown into chaos […]

Bear and the Wobbly Tooth

Bear has his rst ever wobbly tooth! He’s very keen to hold onto it until he discovers all about the wondrous Tooth Fairy. However, now he’s decided he wants it […]

Where’s HOOT?

Hoot’s disappeared! But where can he be? Find Hoot amongst a variety of colourful and interesting environments in this fun search and find activity book. Includes a sheet of stickers […]

My Incredible Knitting Nana

My Nana loves to knit.  She also loves to help…everybody and everything! Nana is never without her knitting needles and whenever she sees anything that needs a coat, hat, scarf […]

HOOTs Colouring Book

A jam packed colouring book! Grab your pencils and crayons to colour Milo and friends along with their favourite every day objects