The Long Walk


There was nothing unusual about Frank, apart from one little thing. He had slightly longer legs than one would expect from a garden gnome. Frank gets on with the birds that visit his garden and listens raptly to descriptions of their wonderful adventures. He does NOT, however, get on with the cheeky sparrows. They constantly tease Frank for being such a homebody and finally, tired of their ribbing, he takes to the road. Frank walks through rain and sun, up hills and down mountains. He sees extraordinary places and sees fantastical things. “Everywhere he went, Frank planted a little seed or a small flower. That place then become a much better place, or at least a place a bit prettier than it was before.” Finally, Frank’s journey leads him full circle, right back to his own doorstep. Now it is his turn to share stories with the birds, fascinating them with stories from his amazing journey.

Petr Horacek is a Czechoslovakian award winning writer and illustrator, now based in England, who has written extensively for children.

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