Ommie’s Journey Into Calm


‘Ommie’s Journey into Calm’ is a yoga storytelling book for children aged 3-8, created to help them learn about calmness. The lives of kids can already be lled with all kinds of busyness and noise, this book aims to create some space, some quiet in their lives through the positive calming bene ts of yoga poses and deep breathing.

In this story, Ommie sets sail on a journey away from the busyness and noise of the city. The destination is not immediately revealed, as the boat moves onwards only through the help of Ommie’s animal friends who with introducing a new yoga pose on each page and their slow rythmic breathing help propel the boat onwards. In the end, when all combine their deep breaths, the sailboat gently lifts them off and into the starry night sky into calm.

The book offers simple yoga poses which all can be done in

bed, making it also a perfect bedtime story to help bring about

Ommie is the brainchild of artist Sirkka Fisk. After leaving her native Germany, Sirkka received a BFA in the USA with an emphasis in Graphic Design. She lived in Borneo with her husband and son for several years before returning to the UK to teach Yoga and Pilates and to continue her career in corporate branding.


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