My Incredible Knitting Nana
Publisher: Fourth Wall
Territories Represented : China (including Simplified and Complex Chinese), Korea, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Spain (including Latin America), The Netherlands and Belgium plus: Australia and New Zealand sales

Description : My Nana loves to knit.  She also loves to help...everybody and everything! Nana is never without her knitting needles and whenever she sees anything that needs a coat, hat, scarf or a blanket then out comes her bag of wool. The problem is...she never knows when to stop! After watching the news about the penguins in Antarctica, Nana worries that they are much too cold and knits them all woolly jumpers. This good intention soon escalates onto a global scale. But when it starts to rain, disaster strikes -everything begins to shrink and chaos descends!An entertaining story of how the best of intentions can sometimes have catastrophic consequences!
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